Alternative Films.

Reflection after watching “Call me by your name”.


I think I like these movies because they allow me to feel what the protagonists are feeling in all humility and in a humble way.

I am able to sympathize without being overly led or explained.

I enjoy them for the aesthetic, the beauty in things that people don’t want to talk about or the reality too often hidden in commercial movies.

The awkward moments, the embraces, the deep gazes.

Please show me slowly a situation so I can relate instead of embellishing a scene leaving the spectators thinking their lifer sin’t quite right.

You shouldn’t leave a movie thinking it was just a movie. I want to leave a movie theater thinking, that was life.

So pure, real and raw that it hurt but that it also made me want to live full, eyes wide open, reading, laughing and celebrating it everyday with loved ones and strangers.

To more great movies, to life and to its music to the ears. How was that scene at the end of “Call me by your name”? I feel like we were sharing the same heart.




Photo by Jana Brunclikova.