Léa Fernandez is a Designer based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from Masters of Architecture and explores ideas of nature, textures and senses through Architecture, Design, Jewellery and Art.

Born in Avignon, a small city in the South of France, Léa moved to Sydney 10 years ago. The contrast between the heritage listed city she grew up in and the modern spirited sea side of Sydney plays a big part in her sensitivity to design.

From a young age, Léa has been using her creativity to escape a situation or to express herself.  Her main inspirations have been drawn from music from the 70s and 90s, old art house movies, nature and people.

Léa would describe her creative process as being one that allows her to breathe deeper. She doesn’t follow rules to draw or paint. She doesn’t try to draw what she is seeing but what she is feeling; connecting with her subject through her intuition and sentiments.


“When I draw usually I am attracted to parts of the subject. I feel connected to where the light hits the skin of the body, face or plant. I feel moved by the delicate curves created by light. What light creates on a subject is ephemeral and to me that’s special. However I like to look at things differently and to do so I sometimes spend time connecting to what I would usually “ignore”. To spend time and appreciate the other aspects by letting my pen run on the page while my eyes treasure and respect different forms of my subject.
I would say that I try to celebrate the sturdy lines just like the confidence in people which actually often softly speaks for their vulnerability.”

Léa Fernandez


Léa has exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne and has been commissioned internationally.

Collaborations have included: Fashion designer Celeste Tesoriero, Architecture competitions and Art.

Léa’s art has also been featured in NR Magazine VOL. 06 Talent.

For collaborations, commissions and any enquiries please email:



Léa has always been passionate about human rights and social equality. Therefore, 10% of each sale made on this website will be donated to charity. You can read more details about it in our Term and Conditions.