The She.

I have learnt from a young age to be soft, to smile, to be gentle, to be strong.

If I weren’t strong I was called a baby.

If I wasn’t feminine I was called a Tom Boy.

For all I want is to be myself.

For all I want for others is for them to be themselves.

I wish for people to just be.

To just be aware of what they do have.

Right here. Right there.

It isn’t about a feminine movement. It is about solidarity and equality.

It is about letting fear in the past and making sure that all of us, walking on this beautiful planet earth, we all have the same rights.

For we are all made of flesh, skin, bones and a soul.

How can a differently shaped sex, a different skin colour or different tastes make one superior?

It is time to leave these absurdities behind us.

And yes She has attitude because as much as you, She can do it.




Photo by Jana Brunclikova.